Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Bil'in conference, 20th-21st feb

I was fortunate enough to spend my first day in the West Bank in the village of Bil'in, which was hosting a 2 day conference celebrating a year of sustained and creative non violent resistance. It is a small village, which would lose masses of its land to the Wall. They have been successful in getting the wall re-routed, meaning they will lose less land. But perhaps what they have been more successful in is in becoming something of an icon in this movement. They have had weekly demonstrations for the past year, joined by ever increasing numbers of Israeli and international activists(which generally speaking makes it safer). Their creativity has at times been incredible and I'm sure contributed to the on going energy of their resistance.
A film documenting the past year of protests was shown in the evening of the conference. It was an incredible atmosphere. A couple of hundred people, Palestinians, Israelis and internationals huddling in the cold night, inside a brightly coloured beautiful tent. There were moments of pure genius, with great creativity. There were times of immense bravery and a determination to remain non violent despite the violence of the army. I felt inspired and uplifted watching the film with so many of the people who have already given so much in this struggle for their land.
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