Tuesday, March 14, 2006



I have been in the West Bank for just over three weeks. It has been a steep learning curve. There is still much to learn, much to understand, much to assimilate. I am scratching the surface. The first couple of weeks I was in a perpetual state of shock. The shock of seeing the Occupation with my own eyes. Most of what I was witnessing was not new to intellect, it was things I had read about or heard about. But being here, seeing the daily struggles and the many faces of the Occupation has been a powerful and at times overwhelming experience. Sometimes I feel like I am falling through a bottomless pit....just as I feel I am beginning to understand, I again tumble, hands out trying to grasp something that will help me make sense of the senseless.
I do not want this feeling of shock, although it is lessening, to disappear. I do not want to stop seeing, to stop questioning.
I share some emails from these first few, intense weeks in the hope they convey something both of my personal experience and of the many sides of life under Occupation that I am witnessing.

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