Monday, April 17, 2006


Army occupies 5 houses in Nablus. Two seriously injured.

Army Occupies Five houses in Nablus. Two seriously injured.

The Israeli Army occupied five houses in Nablus, at approximately 3.30am, 17th April.
Between 15 and 19 people have been injured. Internationals witnessed two critical injuries. This morning one male was shot in the neck.At approximately 3pm the second youth was shot in the back. The bullet exited from his abdomen. Both are in a serious condition in hospital.
At 3.30pm the army vacated one of the occupied houses, which it had used as a sniper position. For the parents and their four children, aged between 6 and 12 years, it was the second time this week their house had been occupied by the Israeli Army. They were forced to remain in the kitchen and the Army threatened to shoot them if they made any noise. Their mobile phones were taken.Once the army left, the mother, who is four months pregnant, was taken to hospital
The army vacated the remaining four houses at approximately 5pm.

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